To educate each child and bring them to the place of joyful learning, means meeting them truely at their point of interest.

This is the Montessori Way.

Observe the children. It is a key to educating the child the Montessori way.

Which of the children in your class respond only to art work or colors?

This also is a learning tool for them.

We must find creative ways to present the next step to each child. It is a pity that the education system runs like a factory, but children are humans…

This is what makes Montessori stand out.

It is child centered all the way, when it is done right, and when it it is right it always produces results. The results may not be what was desired traditionally but you come out with a Chile’s who has been inspired to learn and does it joyfully.

Teach through making sure the child is learning. After all, children do want to learn.

Let’s keep going. We will get there…