Hi, I’m Ayopeju Falekulo

I help educators and parents learn the important Montessori skills, to help them create joyful happy learning environments where children can thrive and succeed.

I love Montessori and believe it is the best way to educate a child. Montessori children are happy, confident and joyful. They are great learners who love to learn and they think outside the box. The world is changing around us daily we need children who can cope with these changes and impact their world.

Addlo Montessori Training Center is the home away from home for both parents and teachers. We support your learning as a professional teacher so that you can deliver the right foundation for tomorrows leaders. We also help our parents develop those important skills to help them support their children.

Addlo Montessori Training Center is a place where we talk and teach about parenting, teaching practice, teacher training, teacher professional development courses and everything Montessori. Our aim is to makeĀ  a difference in our world for the children.