Teach Your Child to Read

                         LESSON 2:

Remember how Lesson 1 was all about filling the air with language?

So you would need to talk to the child, sing, learn nursery rhymes, tell stories and read books together. All this would help a child build vocabulary and pick up language structure with ease. As well as imbibe the wonderful culture of reading as an enjoyable activity.

Now our next step is hearing the sounds in the words.

Think about this. The child has to get used to the language, learn and know it before we can expect any abstract generalizations to take place.

What I mean by abstract generalizations is that, the ability to even hear the sounds in words is a general abstraction, it is an ability to analyse the words we say.

Remember we work from concrete to abstract.

Language in the air is concrete. The child is experiencing language all around him. Hearing the sounds is the beginning of analyzing the words we speak.

Let’s watch this video and see how we can do this with our children.

Here is a sample of the sounds in the English Language. It is very important to find the purest sounds available. Pure means not adding additional sounds to the ends of the consonants for example.

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Teach Your Child to Read

Hear the sounds in the words.