Teach Your Child to Read

                         LESSON 7

I am happy you have taken this journey. It’s just the beginning of the process but you will see that a lot can be achieved with even these beginning steps.


This is your last lesson in the series.

You get to look at some additional skills and an overview of the additional skills we will be exploring in Course 2, where we would look at the advanced reading skills needed to become proficient in learning to read.

I have included as a bonus 2 more resources which actually belong to course 2. Which will be ready soon!

Let me know if this would be of any interest to you.

Please come into the WhatsApp group to share your final thoughts or ask questions. 

I do hope this has been a great learning experience.

This time around please leave a comment to give feedback on the course. Let me know if you enjoyed your time.

I wish the very best, and believe that you are now ready to grow those reading skills.

Remember Language in the air is the first step.

Here is wishing you the very best.




Bonus: Here is a list of Consonant Blends to start your child in the right direction of reading more complex words than the CVC words.

Bonus: Phonogram lists are very useful as they contain the advanced code of the English language. This resource book provides you with a basic list you can build on.

Teach Your Child to Read

Building Words