Teach Your Child to Read

                         LESSON 6


In this lesson we are looking at a few things which you will get as additional resources to use as you build words and see your child start reading with ease.

I have seen children learn to read by just sticking with building words and read back the words they have just built! They get really interested in the written words on a page and start picking out words they can read from the newspapers and story books around them.

They start asking for books to read at this stage.

Please ensure that you have lots of short simple text for them to read. I suggest very short beginning readers. I always follow the Montessori method here by starting first with short phrases at this stage.

In order for the child to be able to read phrases you would need to introduce some new words which they would need to recognise and read without resorting to their present phonics skills. This is because they are a bit advanced and do not belong to the basic sounds of the English Language. 

These words are known as Sight Words, Puzzle Words, of Tricky words. I have compiled a list of the first ones that would help a child when reading phrases and sentences with CVC words