Teach Your Child to Read

                         LESSON 3

Remember how Lesson 2 was about filling the sounds in the language?

In this lesson we are going to spend time learning how to introduce the letter symbols.

The process of teaching reading skills as we mentioned previously has a lot of skills involved before we start phonics skills.

We have talked about having an atmosphere filled with language:

This includes the stories, songs, rhymes etc. Also please include a good dose of vocabulary building by introducing new words to your child daily.



We will talk about handwriting again before we end this course. But for now here is a chart of the right strokes to make up and form the letters correctly.

Always model the right practices for the children even with the sandpaper letters.

Once they learn the right strokes from the very beginning then they wont have to unlearn bad habits.

Teach Your Child to Read

Learn the Letter-sound symbols.