Montessori Primary: Great Lessons

                                                             GREAT LESSON 1: THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE


This an example of how the Great Lessons are told. It is a story. Neither the children or the teacher are expected to memorize the material. It is a steping stone to learning so much more.

Also please note that The Great Lessons does not equal Cosmic Education.

The children have made the great lesson 1 theirs. Big work has started. Each plays a part. Some are artistic, some do the research some dance and they end with the song. This is learning. As the children go through this process in the 6 years they spend in Primary School, they grow in confidence and are able to present enviable reports on their research. This is just the begining. They are not forced, they do it joyfully.

Montessori Primary

Great Lesson 1

The Creation of the Universe

This is an exciting story, it makes an impression on the mind of the reasoning child.

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