Module 10: Learning Number Names

Module 10 An Introduction Learning Number Names

When children have learned the number quantities and understand this, it means that they have the concrete understanding that they need. You can now start working on teaching them the number names. We usually concentrate on teaching children the number names first.

Remember though that knowledge without understanding is not what helps us and our children truly understand the world. It is understanding concepts first that helps us establish a true understanding of our world. Learning the names helps us with communicating our thoughts in a way that can be globally understood.

Question: Who should understand first, the child or the people they are trying to communicate with?

Anyway when all is said and done, these are the lessons that will enable the child learn the names of the numbers.

An Introduction

Step 1: Learning the Names 11 to 19

Step 2: Learning the names of the Tens

Step 3: Learning the names of numbers 30 to 39… to 99

Your Lessons

An Introduction

Step 1: Learning Number names 11 to 19

Step 2: Learning the Names of the Tens

Lesson 3: Learning the names in steps 30 to 39, 40 to 49 .. to 99