Teach Your Child to Read

                         LESSON 1:

We kick off our study today with a look at providing the right background to growing your child’s communication skills.

The first one is to listen to and learn language.

Reading cannot make sense to a child who has not acquired the language.

The goal is to go step by step and build on skills to eventually gain progress and then success.

One Montessori principle that helps me to put the task at hand into the correct perspective is simply this

A Child works from concrete to abstract.

So start with what they can hear. Fill the air with language . Let them experience language.

Picture Books and online resources:
1. A great resource to introduce you to using picture books with your infants. This is where it all starts:


2. The Hungry Caterpillar is an example of a picture book.
a picture of the book and a link to a Youtube recording of the book. You can find lots of resources on Youtube.


3. Folktales are forever by Efe Farinre

Teach Your Child to Read

Fill the air with language always