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All About Physical Sciences:

Contrary to popular opinion if you are a Montessorian worthy of the name, you do not need special training in STEM or STEAM to kick up a robust Science program in your 3 to 6 classroom.

What you do need is following through and helping the children explore and investigate life and things around them.

You will be surprised how this can help the children grow and develop sound scientific facts through experiencing the world around them.



Maria Montessori was a scientist. So she understood the importance of introducing simple but important scientific facts to the young mind.

With science we start obviously from the concrete to the abstract with children and from simple to complex.

We have a duty to help our children develop their inquisitive nature: They ask questions and we sometimes frown at this but this is simply their inquisitive mind at work.

Why, when , what, who and how?

These are some of their common questions and sometimes they form part of their first words. Children are very curious, we must help them find the answers by giving them the chance to truly experience the world around them.

The Physical Science lessons you provide, are about helping children experience the world, so that they can understand it.

Physical Science is so important in today’s world.

Understanding enables the mind to think through and proffer solutions to problems that will arise in the future.

Please note always start with concrete materials and then move on to pictures.

The beginning lessons should be simple and engaging.